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I have an idea

Status: New Idea
by bisonbrit1 on ‎04-09-2015 23h55

My idea is simple. Stop your marketing calls from pakistan/India to my old BT number. I was about to move back to BT today... I was online doing it. First of 3 phone calls from very rude Pakistani or Indian sales staff, insisting I was incorrect about what I was paying with my current provider stopped me. two more came within one hour from the same call centre. It's insulting and idiotic. Pull in the 3rd party sales teams, sort your company out. You are not pakindian telecom you are British Telecom.  Show some **bleep**ing respect to the name!


bt should

Status: New Idea
by ashleyjones91 on ‎30-06-2014 16h18

i think bt need bring back o2 back as bt doing great job come on bt please buy o2 back

Customer Service

Status: New Idea
by Bob1001 on ‎17-09-2013 12h12

How about having a customer service department


Hello, BT. I'm very happy that you cover UFC so extensively. However, using your TV guide is a nuisance. For programmes like Ultimate Insider, UFC Unleashed and The Ultimate Fighter, please provide information on what the episode is about, i. e., which fights/fighters they cover. Now the only option is to record all of them and then check manually whether you are interested in this particular episode, or perhaps you have already seen it. And lately you have been showing multiple The Ultimate Fighter episodes per day without providing info which episodes they are. Also, all season you showed a new episode of TUH every Thursday at 9 pm – a day late than the original air in the U.S.. However, the latest episode you showed last night. Probably at or around the same time as the U.S.. You could inform about these types of changes. And also, according to Your TV guide, as far as I checked, every show lasts 3 hours (which is not true, obviously). (Duration: 3 hrs, it says). Anyway, thanks again for your extended UFC coverage, but I do think it would be so much better if you provided all the essential info about it. Cheers.


Some folk do seem to just want to cause trouble. I've, sadly, got a few folk in my Ignored Users list as they felt that public disagreements weren't enough.


I'd quite like not to be tempted to rise to their bait. Would it be possible to hide their posts too? I know I'd undoubtedly end up seeing most of them when some other user feels suitably offended by their trolling and replies quoting their mischief, but occassionally I might be spared reading unnecessary bile. :-(

Status: Future Possibility
Hi Minusdot. This is not something that is currently available within the forum software, but we have fed this back and is something we could conisder in future if the functionality became available. Thx Kerry

Delete/remove your own post

Status: Not Suitable
by minusdot on ‎25-02-2011 22h16

We can edit our posts after we send them. Could we delete them too? I know the moderators can! ;-)

Status: Not Suitable

Hi Minusdot


Thanks for the idea. This is not something that we would look to change. I can understand that members might want to change posts when they re-read them after posting so we do allow editing for a certain period of time. However if we allowed members to delete posts completely then this could make threads confusing and unreadable if they were deleted after others had replied. With this in mind we won't be able to implement this idea.  Keep the suggestions coming though - great to see them all Smiley Happy


Thx Kerry


Allow users to edit Post titles

Status: Implemented
by Tuliptownman on ‎27-02-2011 10h02

Sometimes a title to a post stops becoming relevent such as my ADSL2 Delt issue - I have got to the bottom of that but not to the bottom of the line issues that still seem to exist. I woulld therefore like the ability to change the title but keep the original title as a reference point - something like High Noise & line Errors ..... was What is ADSL2 DELT. This would be useful where there may be more than one issue with a line and underlying issues only become apparent whilst resolving the first one. I don't feel that it is helpful for a new thread to be started if the original question has been resolved but the motive for posting - i.e. unexpected line behaviour has not been resolved as something in the first post may still give a clue to others as to what might be going on.

Status: Implemented
This has been answered as something there is already the ability to do in the community, so marking as implemented. Take on board the comments re: hijacking threads and something the mod team will look at. Thx Kerry

BT Usage Monitor

Status: More Feedback Needed
by vofsanity on ‎17-11-2011 13h13

The Plusnet (BT subsiidiary) Usage Monitor is more sophisticated than that offered by BT. Can we please have the BT one updated to provide similar facilities. The desirable features are

1. Usage displayed ony 2hours out of date

2. Usage this month broken down on a daily basis.

3. Usage breakdown by activity showing surfing, email, streaming, FTP, Peer to Peer etc.

4. The ability to put a cap on usage so that the user does not go over their monthly allowance. 

Status: More Feedback Needed
Thanks for the suggestion guys - i've passed on this initial feedback but would like to see what other people's thoughts are - add you feedback in the comments. Thx Kerry

Clear the "Solved" flag from a thread

Status: Implemented
by minusdot on ‎27-02-2011 10h40

I had a problem with BT Fon. With help from the forum I got rid of it. So I marked the message that helped me as the solution. Yesterday, however, BT Fon reactivated itself! I'd like to clear the Solved flag from the thread.

Status: Implemented
Hi Minusdot This feature already exists. As the original poster you have the ability to mark solved and also unsolved within the forum options. To mark as unsolved you go to the post you marked as solved, click on the options and select 'unmark as accepted solution'. Thx Kerry

Fixing problems instead of trying to blame other people

Film Credits

Status: More Feedback Needed
by hmp on ‎27-02-2011 12h33

How about a system where you can buy a set of credits valid for a month (30 days) that allow you to watch the premium content of the on demand films.  At the moment the cost of these films are somewhat prohibitive on a pay per watch basis at £4.00 to £5.50 a film whereas you can get unlimited new release film rentals from the likes of lovefilm for £15.99 a month and can normally view 24+ movies per month.


A similiar pricing system to lovefilm would be good where you could say buy 20 film credits for around £15 for the month which I am sure a lot of people would be happy to pay.  This could then be a viable rival to the likes of sky movies and the DV rental firms.

Status: More Feedback Needed
Thanks for the suggestion hmp. I'll pass this to the Vision team. What does everyone else think? Any other comments? Kerry

This is what I might hope my next generation macro might look like?


Hello Smiley Happy,
Can you please post your ADSL stats by following this direct link; and go to A-Z (top right) and then ADSL Settings and post everything including Line Attenuation, Noise Margin, Connection Speed, and run a speedtest below:

Screen Shot 2011-10-31 at 19.00.07.png

Run a line test: EC_big_phone_24b.png      Check your Service Status:      broadband_b_24b.png
Can you also confirm if you're connected at the master socket or an extension? And what your type your master socket is according to this picture
Screen Shot 2011-09-01 at 14.30.20.jpg
Lastly for now, call 17070 and Press Option 2 for the Quiet Line test and where possible use a corded phone as DECT handsets can pick up electrical interference?  Are you connected Wirelessly or through a cable?

Encrypted e-mails

Status: More Feedback Needed
by PeterT on ‎19-11-2011 18h44

I might be tempted to go paperless if you could send me my latest bill as an encrypted e-mail.


I don't want to go paperless for any of my suppliers as I get fed up of having to logon to a wide range of web sites just to find out what my latest bill is. It is much easier to wait for the post.


So offer your customers the ability to receive their bills as encrypted e-mails.

Status: More Feedback Needed
Thanks for the post and comments already. I'm interested to hear what others think? Is this something you would like to see, or are you happy to go online and view your bill via the My BT section on -

It would lend credibility to the Ideas Bank if the Moderators would review it and give updates on the status of the various ideas. Some ideas have been under consideration for over a year with no indication of what is happening to them although there are statements about getting back to us on them.

Smarter Spell Check

Status: More Feedback Needed
by minusdot on ‎05-03-2011 23h32

I'd like the spell checker not to point out the spelling mistakes in messages I'm quoting.

I'd also like the option to automatically spell check when posting as sometimes I forget, hit post and spot the mistake as it's posting!

Status: More Feedback Needed
Thanks for the suggestion and extra comments guys. Is the preferred option an auto spellcheck rather than having to accept/reject the suggestions? Thx Kerry

It's common to have more than the first page of threads showing as containing new messages. It would be very handy if threads that you've posted to with unread content went to the top of the first page.

Status: More Feedback Needed
Again another good suggestion...would others find this useful too? Thx Kerry

As a sign of good will and also for marketing can I suggest that BT consider allowing everyone who signs up for BT broadband get free wifi access from when they order rather than from when the BB goes live? It would be really helpful to people who are in the process of moving and I think it would be a great marketing thing. IE sign up for broadband now and you can get onto our wifi within 24 hrs?

Status: More Feedback Needed
Thanks for this idea. I am not sure that this is something that can be implemented due to technicalities and other necessary considerations, but I'd be interested in others' feedback and can pass it on to the product team.

MyBT Smartphone App

Status: More Feedback Needed
by jtoady on ‎01-11-2012 14h36
It would be really useful if I could access my broadband usage and billing details using an app on my smartphone. Is there any intention of this happening?
Status: More Feedback Needed

Thanks for the suggestion, sounds like a good idea Smiley Happy What does everyone else think? If you think it's a good idea click on the Kudos star. Stephanie


Direct Debit date change

Status: Implemented
by meman887 on ‎16-03-2011 3h00

Allow flexibility for the customer to change there Direct Debit mandate date to a date of there choosing instead, this will make it more convenient and a lot easier.


The customer should only be allowed to change the date only once per month after the due amount for that month has been payed.

Status: Implemented
Hi meman887, thanks for the idea! This already exists so marking as implemented. If you pay by monthly payment plan you can change the payment date to one that suits you. Currently this is limited to 2 changes in any 12 month period, so I will feed back your thoughts on more frequent changes to the billing team. If you want to change your DD date, you can contact us using the live chat link in the billing board. Thx Kerry

If you look in the Broadband - Other Queries section, you'll see numerous threads about logging-in to email problems. Many are caused by IE11 issues.


Posters are either not bothering to search before starting a new thread or don't understand that that's what they should do.


Whatever the reason, we're ending up with too many separate threads about IE11. Will the moderators please start a new thread just for IE11 - a stickie perhaps? This will provide customers with a proper service from BT about what is clearly a real issue for us.


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