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BT should start doing Mobile

Status: New Idea
by Pagandawn on ‎20-03-2013 9h17

It is time BT started it's own Mobile phone shops. I know from experience BT provides the best land line service so why not take on the mobile phone services.


Allowing us to get our mobiles from BT.

Chillout Lounge / Off Topic

Status: More Feedback Needed
by on ‎10-11-2012 23h29

I feel it would be nice somewhere to chill, wheather it's about life or upcoming technology improvements on a network.

Status: More Feedback Needed
Hi ryant704, this is a great point. There have been posts in the past that could've been moved elsewhere in the forum but we are working to readdress this. There will always be some gray area and we will always have some posts there that don't really "fit" anywhere else, but I agree we need to inject some fun back in the Lounge and we have been looking at ways to do this. Quite a few threads have popped up recently so do back to the Lounge and check them out, and feel free to start your own if you want Smiley Happy Happy to get more feedback about this, keep it coming! Stephanie
Easiest feature in the world to implement.

I wanted to download a 6.5mb PDF from cloud, tried the inbuilt preview feature- file too large. So lets open it in goodreader I thought. No can do- there is no 'open in' feature. Every other cloud service I've used on iOS has this feature, it beggars belief that BT wouldn't bother with it. It would take all of five minutes to implement and would improve the usefulness of the cloud service immensely.

BT Home Hub Manager Idea

Status: New Idea
by PaulHanson on ‎18-08-2015 18h00

Not sure if you can do this but here goes.


My Idea has to do with the Home Network Tag wthin the Home Manager.


Each device should show the amount of Usage it has used per lease cycle.


This would allow us to know what device is hogging bandwith if needed.


Status: More Feedback Needed
by Distinguished Sage on ‎27-01-2011 13h29



Some people have put their location on their public profile. It would be helpful if this could be displayed below their name, as its useful to know where people are located.




Status: More Feedback Needed
Great idea guys. Sounds like it would be useful if there were common issues where location may be a factor. Interesting to see further comments/ratings on this. Kerry

BT Sports on a device like Sky now tv

Status: New Idea
by coastee1 on ‎14-09-2015 12h40
As a fan of some sports I would like to have BT sports as a pay to view platform as like Sky Now TV so I can pay to view come on BT would you not get more viewers and revenue especially as I hear my Cricket is coming to BT Sports.

Ratings Stars

Status: More Feedback Needed
by minusdot on ‎28-01-2011 10h19

From Amazon to ThinkBroadband it's common policy to share your personal star ratings on things. If the forum's settings gave us a way to star rate relevant bits of BT (e.g. Customer Service, Phone, Broadband, Vision) and published them next to our posts it might make it easier for visitors to get a feel for a contributors post. Some of us are cyncics others are fanbois, it might be nice for non-regulars to know where we're coming from!

Status: More Feedback Needed
Interesting idea minusdot - so this would be a way of indicating your general BT stance on the forum? Is this something you would like to see visible near your avatar, or just in your profile information? What do others think?

Suggestions Board

Status: More Feedback Needed
by xfan1013 on ‎28-01-2011 12h53

I think it would be a good idea to have some sort of official board or blog or something similar, specifically for the purpose of making content suggestions for On Demand.


We all have lots of ideas and suggestions for what could be included in On Demand TV, Film etc but often suggestions via the main forum can be missed or not addressed. A proper channel for submitting suggestions would be really useful and effective - we would know where to go to submit our suggestions and not waste space on the main forum which really ought to be for more techincal issues, faults and user guides etc. Thank you.

Status: More Feedback Needed
Thanks for the idea xfan1013! I'll certainly mention this to the Vision team. What do others think? Please use the ratings buttons to let us know if you like this idea. The more feedback we get here the better! Smiley Happy

Customer views and testing

Status: New Idea
by JackJones on ‎21-03-2013 23h24

My idea is that before abandoning an existing product (e.g. BT Digital Vault) and replacing it with something far more inferior (e.g. BT Cloud) you try asking customers what they think of the new service. 


And while you're at it, you could try getting some of your IT people to test if for both useability and functionality.


Because it seems to me that none of this has been done and I am having Digital Vault ripped from under me to be replaced by a pile of p**.

How about having an integrated exchange checker built into the forums!?


People can find out the exchange they are on and can therefore include it in their first post, making solutions quicker.


There could also be an integrated exchange VP congestion checker as well like the 'Exchange Status Checker' from Plusnet (Click Here). This would allow people to check congestion at their exchange before they post about it, which may save time in the solution.



Status: More Feedback Needed
Thanks for the idea - what does everyone else think? K

On Demand App

Status: New Idea
by m_mac on ‎22-10-2013 1h53

When is BT vision going to offer an On Demand App which allows everyone in the house to watch On Demand/sport.  Your two main competitiors offer this. Sky  allows up to 3 email addresses to watch Sky on Xbox Laptop Wii, Netflix allows everyone in the house to have the app and watch. BT Vision doesn't seem to offer this.

This forums should allow there users to create a poll in the thread. There is many times this would be useful.

Status: More Feedback Needed
Thanks for the suggestion Daniel. This isn't a current feature. What kind of polls would you like to create? If you have any ideas for polls in the meantime, please let me know. Smiley Happy Thx Kerry


Status: New Idea
by tassiekev on ‎02-06-2013 17h36

Widen the scope of playlists to include all programs (recordings, downloads etc.) rather than limit them to cartoons & music videos, then I could plan my night's viewing by setting up everything in advance.



The HomeHub4 can retain IP addresses for devices once connected but these IP addresses are only assigned in the order that the devices are registered. I have a number of PCs that run software that require each device that they talk to to have an assigned and fixed IP address. These were set up under a different router which allowed me to manually assigned fixed IP addresses. The HomeHub4's limitation in this respect means that I now have to individually remap each device on each PC rather than make the assignings in one place (within the router).


I would like to propose that the HomeHub firmware is updated to allow the administrator to manually reserve IP addresses for connected devices identified by their MAC address.



BT Home Hub 4 Wishlist

by Dean235 on ‎15-06-2013 19h48

This is a wishlist of what I want in the next firmware upgrade. I hope someone from BT will read this, or someone forward it to them. I will add more points if I think it is nessascary. 


Manual Power Save - I know the HH4 advertises eco-technology, it turns off certian features when not needed etc. But some of my devices remain connected to the internet so the manual power save is not going to turn it off. I know I could just do this with Access Control but I much prefer a universal time limit.


Turn off BT Fon within the Hub Manager - I know you can disable it by logging in to opt-out but for me I forgot my details and have only remembered itUsers should have control on what can be allowed and not. I still have BT-Wifi operating in the 5Ghz band, talked to India but they "don't know".


Ability to turn off certain indicator lights - When I disabled Wi-Fi on the 2.4Ghz band it immediatley displayed a orange light, I don't reallly like this...I mean, I know its turned off!


As a customer it is very frustrating to have to deal with so many different teams within BT.  I have BT phone line, broadband and vision.  When I have had issues in the past I have got bounced around different teams there was no one person who seemed to be able to look after me and ensure all of my issues got addressed. 


The customer experience could be massively improved by having a single team who is responsible for all the services I am subscribed to. 


Changing password, username etc

Status: Implemented
by wedd1ng528 on ‎01-02-2011 8h53

I might be wrong but I don't see anywhere that I can change my login details (except for e-mail address). It is a good security principle to change a password at least every now and again - it might also be good security to change username but that might cause problems with an individual's rating. At the minimum I would like to be able to change my login password.



Status: Implemented
Closing this idea as implemented as the option to change passwords is available within the settings as mentioned. Re: the usernames, this is not something we would look to change as would be confusing to other members if people changed their names. Thx Kerry

BT call bolt ons

Status: New Idea
by nick_london on ‎18-01-2016 7h04 - last edited on ‎18-01-2016 10h09 by Moderator

Some ad ons already exist but BT should expand a little similar to what Virgin well what Telewest did years ago and still do today.

These plans put customers in full control of there phone and make it worthwhile having a landline. I really don't like using my mobile all the time and when I'm home I mostly use my home phone.

BT's existing calling plans are a bit outdated, like who really makes so many calls to other landlines these days.

The mobile termination rate is no greater than 1p per minute these days and it is set to fall to 0.5p per minute. When it comes to calling EE,BT and Virgin Mobile phones, that will soon be free to BT.

Another shocking thing is that BT charges 12p per 10 seconds for calls to mobiles from a BT Payphone which works out at around 60 to 70p per minute and 44p per minute from a BT Chargecard when the termination rate is no higher than 1p per minute.


blackberry support

Status: New Idea
by RichScarborough on ‎17-06-2013 11h10

hi, i have a blackberry curve 9320. its quite a new phone and yet none of the features ie, hotspot app and smart talk also does`nt work. blackberrys are a popular phone yet no support. come on bt pull yer finger out.


Forum PM system group message.

Status: New Idea
by on ‎07-12-2016 17h46

This feature could be useful if it worked in any meaningful way, currently it is just a means of sending a PM to more than one recipient. The features lacking are the ability for a given recipient to view all the other recipients and a 'reply all' feature. As currently implemented, it is not possible to hold any off-line group discussions in any manageable form.


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