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With the imminent launch of BT's Youview offering the BT Vision forum is being regularly polluted with Youview chatter. Could we get a new forum. Preferably soon?

Status changed to: Considering
Thanks Minusdot - we're definitely looking at this and reviewing the amount of YouView content on the Vision board - we'll update you on this idea soon.

+1 from me 🙂

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Does BT provide any support over at if so then a new forum here would be redundant I guess.

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I must agree that I think a new forum on here is what is needed as it will allow differentiation between the two platforms.


However I would also like to say to minusdot that I think its wrong to take it on yourself to start directing people away from these forums by posting in other threads. I agree that they can ALSO try other forums, but your signature "BT Vision is not Youview. Can we have a Youview forum please?" and comments about polluting the BT Vision threads are not constructive in my opinion.


YouView is another delivery platform for BT Vision, just as the proprietary BT Vsion box is. My box bears a BT product code and was supplied as part of my BT Vision service and therefore I consider it as a valid place for discussion.


Bear in mind that BT are providing the traffic prioritisation and excluding data consumption from broadband packages for all YouView usage, and not just BT Vision so its not so clear cut.


Additionally I do not know whether my box has a custom firmware for BT or the standard generic firmware from Humax, or how the updates will be pushed. I am sure that if BT can be active supporting its own customers it can be influential in pushing Humax for significant issues to be fixed or adding new functionality on our behalf.


Therefore please stop trying to push people over to other forums as I feel that a new forum for BT Vision on YouView is a much better option.

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There are more and more posts now in the BT Vision section relating to Youview, the MODs must now consider expanding the TV forum to include a Youview sub forum.

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BT Vision isn't YouView. I don't have YouView, so I can't offer any advice on it.


There is an existing YouView community, so if people have what appear to be generic questions on YouView then it seems good advice to suggest they visit the other community for assistance. So I'll keep suggesting folk visit that forum until such time as there is a YouView forum here.

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Status changed to: Implemented
Thanks for the feedback guys, a new YouView board has been added to our forum.
I think need more apps on youview like, Netflix lovefilm. And better movies and TV show in bt-tv. And in now tv have the TV section on it.. If bt gave more of these. I think more people would pick bt and give at lower price to.