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Android support for free Cisco VPN security software by BT

Android support for free Cisco VPN security software by BT

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Can we please have android support so we can use the free VPN software offered by BT from Cisco, currently it only supports PC, Mac and iphone/ipad but there must be hundreds of thousands of android users.

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Android natively supports VPN and takes seconds to add to any specific connection.

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Thanks, kenSharp, would you care to advise how this is done please?


I have recently aquired my first Android Tablet, and am currently using it at home - via my home router which I've set up as WPA2 /EAS  - so I'm guessing that that any communications between my tablet and router are fairly secure. ( Unless someone can tell me differently)


However, I'm reluctant to use any unsecured BT Wifi "hotspots"  without some adequate means of protection/encryption.


Following the above postings, I discovered that my tablet can be set up to use VPN  - but haven't got a clue how to set it up - I'm completely lost and would appreciate some detailed help on how to do it  - I thought I'd tag my question here because the original poster seemed to be asking the same thing.


key sequence: (Home)/Apps/Settings/More.../VPN - if I press the VPN button it flashes up a message:

Attention: You must set a lock screen PIN or password before you can use credential storage (cancel / OK)

pressing OK takes me to another page where I'm confronted by a plethora of security options including Swipe/Face/Pattern/PIN/Password - just for the sake of getting through to the next page I've chosen PIN and entered some numbers (twice for confirmation!)


The next page  is where the fun (!) starts - the VPN option is greyed out, but pressing the "+" symbol above the menu brings up a dialogue box: "Edit VPN profile" and asks me to enter a name  - don't know what I'm supposed to enter here

Underneath this "name" there is a pull-down menu showing 6 different "Types":




IPSec Xauth PSK

IPSec Xauth RSA

IPSec Hybrid RSA

  -which one do I use?


Below this there is a box to type in the "Server address" (=???)

then a tick box - already ticked "PPP encryption (MPPE)"


then there is a further pull-down menu  (enabled by ticking a box marked "Show advanced options") which reveals three more boxes in which to type in further details:

DNS search domains

DNS servers (e.g.

Forwarding routes (e.g

(each box currently shows, in greyed-out text "(not used)")


Finally (I hope!) there is an option to either Cancel or Save the settings.


- however I sincerly doubt  that this is the end! - one of the previous options mentioned "credential storage" - what exactly are these and how do I get/enable them


Could someone please supply the correct settings for all of these so that the VPN  function will work at BT Wifi hotspots.

(a phone call to BT's helpline was unfruitful - I got the impression that they didn't even know what VPN was, let alone how to enable it!)


Any help would be very greatly appreciated