BT FON app enhancement

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Can the BT Fon app be enhanced please so that it will connect also to overseas fon spots? BT customers can connect to WiFi spots in many other countries, like all of the Belgcom hotspots all over Belgium, but the "find hotspot" part of the app shows none of these and will not connect automatically.

The app would be much more useful if it connected to partner hotspots also, or at least had a help topic listing the names of partner companies abroad so that travelling customers could look for them knowing they could connect. After all people who are travelling seem to me to be more likely to be looking for a fon spot than someone who is in their home environment.
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It would be useful if it worked in the first place never mind abroad

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Thanks for the idea HJones - would be great to get more feedback from other customers to see if they would like this functionality. I will pass on to the BT FON team but can't implement here in the forum. @startingtopuff - if you're having a problem connecting to FON, you can start a thread in BB Out & About thread and you'll get help. the Thx Kerry
why don't they host BT fon from phone masts to give a better faster service that doesn't rely on the customers hubs. Also for BT customers why when they join BT don't they just get given a username and passphrase for them to use with BT fon and just for fon. ( obviously you would put with the details to change your passphrase and give them an example of a safe one) It would make using it a whole lot easier for the elderly who struggle with the way it is at the moment (my experience comes from about 6 months back helping an old chap I know use BT fon and it was a royal pig for him to find his details the correct ones and B to implement them as again India didn't even know what BT fon was. (don't get me started on india ) I would also like to see a free BT vpn for using these wireless hot spots that encrypts your traffic with 2048-bit encryption and a video for the elderly that explains about wireless hot spot risks and there are plenty. Maybe some software too that can detect and block/warn the user about the state of the free wifi spot there going to use and detect anything unusual before use and during use. As well it could do a scan on the given laptop and tell the user what needs patching and securing to make things safer for them, update OS, Java(if you use it wise not to), browser, AV, firewall, the state of the ports and to make them more secure, bluetooth off ect. I would like to see BT take more care of there customers safety. An example of an old pal I know hes in his late 70's and was told it was 100% safe to use wifi points for banking by his bank and wouldn't have it from me it wasn't so I asked him if it was Ok for me to demonstrate how I would easily steal his data, I wont go into the ins and outs of it but needless to say I got all his data and it shocked him how easily i did it I also took complete control of his lappy. So that needs attention BT He is more secure now though. With the amount of free programs out there for black hats its no wonder so many can with ease steal your data, don't think because you use wifi all the time for banking and so far haven't noticed fraud as your details can be stolen and sit on a site for ages with out selling, bank account details sell very cheap these days because so many people are stealing it. Last time I checked a site that sells such details bank account details the full set where up for around £3 thats it your that cheap. Your email for around £1 and your home address,phone number, dob, social security number your whole life was around £2 that is how cheap your data has become so much is stolen. Banks sometimes reimburse accounts that have lost money and wipe any data that shows it happened because so much fraud goes on this is to hide the amount that goes missing so the customers don't lose faith. So yeah my point is better wifi security for the customer please BT and make it easy to use and understand for the elderly.