BT Vision Ideas

Here are some ideas i Feel are missing from BT Vision


- Ability to schedule a record from a different device. eg Web page/SMS/Mobile App

- Manage your recordings online

- View and manage your BT Account from the BT Vision box

- A Series link function that doesnt recording every occurance on every day of a Series! (More control of Series Record - eg Once a Week at specific time?)

- Ability to Listen to iPlayer Radio while TV Is off and Audio piped through Hifi..


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Hi john_crocker - thanks for the ideas. I have passed these onto the Vision team, who will consider them as part of future plans. As this Ideas bank is currently for community suggestions, I have marked this as not suitable, but will let you know if I get any further feedback from the Vision team. Thx Kerry

Hi, I would love to see some old series on bt vision; Like;


The Waltons

House on the Prarie

When the boat comes in


Rich man Poor man


and this later one

Into the west / Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks.


Now BT has launched Dolby Digital Conferencing, are there any plans to upgrade the BT Vision to Dolby 5.1 instead of the skiny Surround Sound ?