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How about the ability to create your own 'channel' on your BT vision based on On-demand (and maybe recorded) content.


I have a 5 year old and the menu for selecting new on-demand is tricky, especially if you want variety.  I you like to be able to creat 'his' channel where I have preloaded maybe a postman pat, then a bob the builder, then a bit of playhouse disney.  He can then go to the 'channel' and watch a (arranged by me) set of programmes without having to navigate the menu.


Call it 'his' channel, he selects it and the on-demand streams according to the playlist

This is a good idea. I'd like to be able to do the same with the music and create my own music playlists. Otherwise you have to keep going back to the menu every 4 minutes.
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Status changed to: Not Suitable
Hi bc108 Thanks for the suggestion. I'm afraid it's not something that I can implement on the forum here, so have had to mark as unsuitable, but have passed your suggestion to the BT Vision team so they can consider for future. Thx Kerry
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Hi Guys


I've had some feedback from the BT Vision team on this so wanted to update you.  Here's what they have said...


"This is a good idea and is something we are already considering. We already create music and kids playlists for you so that you don’t have to initiative an asset individually, and have films that play back to back as well. However, we know that customers would like the flexibility of creating their own playlists so watch this space!"