BT should start doing Mobile

BT should start doing Mobile

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It is time BT started it's own Mobile phone shops. I know from experience BT provides the best land line service so why not take on the mobile phone services.


Allowing us to get our mobiles from BT.

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Dear Sir 

How old are you?  Not old enough!

Before BT there was "The General Post Office" or GPO.  They installed the telephone system, and sorted all the mail.  They went on to start a mobile phone system, and then sold it to O2.

They were then told to let anybody come along and use their landline system.

They are now owned by Telefonica


That mobile system had a name Cellnet, it was hived off, because of BT's dominant market position, floated on the stock market, bought back into private ownership by being sold to Telefonica, the Spanish equivalent of BT.


Just recently the 2 ISP's Telefonica had, BE and O2 broadband, they used backhaul in common, no attempt to merge them was ever made, they did not need it, most O2 customers were unaware of BE, BE's more tech savvy customer base wowere very aware of O2, The BE customer base which was very happy to talk to Bulgarian call centres for technical support, occasionally not on the same wavelength, but their customer service was at least technically competent, not like the Indian Subcontent script monkeys that BT use.


The landline and broadband customer base have just been sold down the river to Murdoch and Sky, no chance of a long hoped for Fibre package, so most of their former landline and broadband customers are looking for other ISPs. Told you will be integrated, most cyberman like, and so most would appear to be moving to BT or Plusnet, a wholly owned BT company which operates at arms length to BT, and has no connection with BT Retail.


Both Plusnet and BT retail have to deal with Openreach, which they both appear to handle moderately well.


The short answer as to should BT do mobile phone and/or mobile broadband




Ofcom, the regulator, would never allow this,


but the Tories probably would try if enough dosh was poured into their backpockets or parliamentary party coffers.

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@kenSharp, and if you read in the small print "Our Network Partner.." 99% certain its O2 which morphed from BT Cellnet via share offers etc and a period of Centrica (British Gas Networks - holding company US based) ownership to be owned by Telefonica (the Spanish equivalent of BT) HA! HA!