Cisco router firmware

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Would it be possible to have the script files made available to BT customers for other routers so they run on BT internet.


For example I own a Cisco 877w router - it does have massive functionality, just what I need but,  requires a firmware file installed.


Could BT make these files available to download please, after all you do sell these routers in the BT shop.


Many thanks.





Forgive me if i sound like an idiot but wouldn't the manufacturer post the firmware on the website as it is a router upgrade. BT don't own nor maintain that brand of router the shop simply is a retailer so to speak.

Getting BT internet to work through another router is fairly simple it just requires some tweaking. I'd reccomend either the broadband tech helpdesk as they can help with getting that set up.

Once again sorry if i sound idiotic ^^

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Hi alanthemarshal - thanks for posting, but i'm afraid this isn't something we could provide. You may be able to get this info from the Cisco website. Or you could also try posting in the Other BB Queries board in the forum and see if anyone else has found the info you need. Here's the link: Thx Kerry