Community Facelift

We are pleased to showcase the new BT Community home page. We hope you find it easy to use. If you’ve got any feedback for us or future suggestions we’d be more than happy to hear them.

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I'll admit that I don't like change so the new look will take a bit of getting used to by me.


However my immediate observation is that it now takes two clicks to get to a board message listing rather then the single click previously.

From a visual view on the main landing page it, to me, seems superfluous to have an arrow on each board header as this has no function - you need to click on the narrative element only. I use firefox.


I would agree with conrad's point about 2 clicks to get to the messages, when it used to be one. Not sure of the benefit of the New Solutions as you have no idea which of the categories that is from.


What is the difference between Categories (which having looked at BT TV, the only heading that displays one, appears to be a sub-section) and Topic - they appear to be the same thing.


Visually looks quite neat and initial thought is that it is quite refreshing. I also feel that the arrows could be clickable as well. Personally, I would get rid of Top Rated Posts completely - to me it serves no useful purpose, whereas latest comments would be more helpful.


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I quite like the new look - much neater than before. I notice that we have changed from supporting The Reds to Chelsea!! (The stars are now in blue rectangles vice red for those of you who have not noticed.)

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I don't like the new look as the home page no longer shows the last updated topic and it takes two clicks for each category to get to the detail.




Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage

As Conrad has said, the arrows to the right of the categories aren't clickable. I presume they were intended to be, but as with everything BT these days, nothing gets tested.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Guys,


Thank you for your feedback, its very much appreciated.


We have made a few changes this morning to the widgets on the right hand side of the page.  With less widgets the page fits much better and looks cleaner.


You make a fair point about having the Category 'images' and 'arrow', clickable.  We are working on this and hope to have it pushed through soon.




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On the main page I would also change the word items to categories on the headings as I personally interpret items as single things rather than a sub heading.

Or just have the category only displayed.


How about using the announcements banner on the email page to keep posters updated with what is actually going on with the email problems.

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It's awful. The layout now uses less of the screen and the blue colour is appalling. Far too much white space.

I thought I'd messed up the settings, but apparently you have 😞


Can't see the point of it, is it to help BT or Forum members. Can't see that it helps at all.

Better to "declutter" the site