Customer service

Customer service

A good idea.


How about having a customer service that.


A) You can get through to in less than an hour.

B) They know what they are talking about

C) Can actually be usefull.


0/10 please try harder!

My sentiment exactly!

Thanks for sharing.

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and also speak the English language well enough for one to understand their response to a customer's problem.  That would truly be awesome!


Couldn't agree more.


It would be better for all not to have the customer service. 

1. You would not waste hours of your time ending up were you started from.

2. It would improve your blood pressure and stress levels.

3. they could do something productive with their lives with their lives.

4. So could you

5. Swathes of Bt could be eliminated and their costs reduced.


I agree with all of the above.



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We can only dream

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Get rid of the countless call centre staff that do not communicate with their colleagues and then employee a lot more trained engineers!


Less faults = fewer call centre staff required = happier customers

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I once got through to a customer service rep who was based in Wales, not Bombay. She was more able to understand my problem, but equally powerless to do anything about it, and equally unable/unwilling to 'take ownership' of the problem and see that it was fixed.


So I don't think the location of the call centre makes that much difference. The problem would be solved by

- better communication between BT staff, and with customers (you're a communications company FFS! Can't you even deal with a phone call or email properly?!)

- empowering call centre staff to have an actual influence on what happens, and having the ability to follow up a problem until it is resolved

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I agree with everything said above. I would like staff to take time to go through the notes of my issue before they start telling me to do this, do that even though I tell them weve done that before 12 times.