Delete/remove your own post

Delete/remove your own post

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We can edit our posts after we send them. Could we delete them too? I know the moderators can! 😉


There are some posts and threads in the forum that tend to become negative and don't actually go very far in highlighting what a potential fault might be. I think that editing might be a good iidea for someone who has posted in haste or to take back certain comments made in desperation.


I see we can edit posts - I did not read OP properly. However my poiint about threads becoming negative and how to tackle this issue remains.

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Was that agreement by example Tuliptownman?! Perhaps you'd like to delete your post as it's not relevant to this thread and you didn't read the OP correctly! 😉

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Hi Minusdot


Thanks for the idea. This is not something that we would look to change. I can understand that members might want to change posts when they re-read them after posting so we do allow editing for a certain period of time. However if we allowed members to delete posts completely then this could make threads confusing and unreadable if they were deleted after others had replied. With this in mind we won't be able to implement this idea.  Keep the suggestions coming though - great to see them all 🙂


Thx Kerry