Facility to suggest/request TV programmes or films

Facility to suggest/request TV programmes or films

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I think it would be great to be able to have a forum in which customers could suggest/request programmes or films for the BT vison service.  For example, I would love to see all the series of Army Wives on On Demand. However, I don't know who to ask or suggest this to where someone would actually listen and take note. I realise there may be licensing issues etc that may prevent BT from showing certain programmes or films, but maybe someone at BT has just not thought of certain films or series that customers may love to see. If there is a route by which requests or suggestions can be made, please could we be made aware of it.  Thanks

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How about a single perosn that follows through (or checks notes) so you do not have to start all over again? They had a simple little task. Deliver a Router to an address where someone awaited delivery. (This, by the way is as a solution to not being able to access BT account on line, (but can access all other websites). As it was free, I did not argue.  Received order confirmation and tracking number and capability. (WRONG. Tracker could not find the order). Eventually I  phoned after taking day off work and surprise surprise, (after explaining it all again for the fifth time), PARCEL FORCE had called but got no answer. LIARS! Well, I am not phoning a sixth time to explain it all, (despite note on the system and the e--mail complaint response said ciould take 10 days to get to it). What? For a three day delivery lead time?

Opps, turned into a moan! Sorry! (Something they'll no doubt say a lot, but should have got it right in the first, second of third place!)  Hope you were entertained! It was fun being told I could track my order when I hung on the phone though! Keep smiling! 🙂