Film Credits

How about a system where you can buy a set of credits valid for a month (30 days) that allow you to watch the premium content of the on demand films.  At the moment the cost of these films are somewhat prohibitive on a pay per watch basis at £4.00 to £5.50 a film whereas you can get unlimited new release film rentals from the likes of lovefilm for £15.99 a month and can normally view 24+ movies per month.


A similiar pricing system to lovefilm would be good where you could say buy 20 film credits for around £15 for the month which I am sure a lot of people would be happy to pay.  This could then be a viable rival to the likes of sky movies and the DV rental firms.

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Thanks for the suggestion hmp. I'll pass this to the Vision team. What does everyone else think? Any other comments? Kerry
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I think this is a good idea for people who watch lots of films, myself I only watch if I really want to so don't watch that many at the moment.  The flip side of not watching a lot of films is that I got charged twice for one film as it took nearly a week to download for some reason.  I think that buying credits is a good idea but not have them time dependent, If I buy a number of credits but don't use them all then I wouldn't want to lose the unused credits.