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Flagging a post to the mods

Flagging a post to the mods

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Following from this thread


could we not have a simpler way of alerting a mod to a particularly troublesome problem etc. More than one new member (myself included in January) have had to ask just how does one flag a post for attention. The sticky that says flag a post to a moderator is just not right STILL.




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I follow the advice in the sticky to highlight offensive posts, posts in the wrong place and posts which have personal information that the poster really shouldn't have shared. Responding to these problems fits the job description of a moderator.


Almost all problems are "particularly troublesome" for the person suffering them. How many threads are there that demand response from the moderators? Often it's their first post and they don't even describe the problem!


I take it you would like some easier way for people to get the attention of the moderators so that they can heroically step in and resovle a billing or technical issue? I can only see that feature being abused to the point of being useless.

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Any other ideas on how you would like to flag these threads?  As minusdot mentions, we currently use the option 'flag for a moderator'.  Happy to hear any new suggestions you guys have.




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