Forum option to display unanswered questions.

Forum option to display unanswered questions.

What would be helpful is some way to identify questions that have not been answered yet, this would save having to wade through lots of threads, as sometimes unanswered questions are some pages away from the initial screen.


Perhaps this could be added to the forum software in the form of a query which simply lists posts that have not been replied to yet.


This would also enable people to get a quicker reply to any new subject.




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Great suggestion Keith! I think this sounds like a useful addition - what does everyone else think? Would you like to see this as a feature? Cheers Kerry
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A very good idea  in my opinion something that would be usefull to all

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How do you identify questions that are unanswered ?  Or do you mean threads with no replies ?

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Threads with no replies.

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That could backfire. What is a reply!!, someone saying "Yes I have the same problem as you" which would then mark it as replied to. That is not much help to the original poster.


It appears to be a good idea, but there are pitfalls

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If it was made a filter option and not a default setting then it would be helpful to forum members who wish to try and clear unanswered(replied) threads.


Also you could have filters to remove threads marked as solved, or over a certain age etc.


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I would love to see this type of feature integrated into the forums.

When I come onto the forums, I do spend a couple of minute in total finding questions which have not yet had any posts.


Just a suggestion: As for the 'backfire' situation, maybe Kerry and the Mods could implement a tick box which you check if you are offering an answer. All threads which do not yet have an answer (but can have posts from other users saying "Yes I have the same problem as you" or things like that) show up on this new feature 🙂


But this Unanswered Questions feature is something which I'm sure everyone would find useful 😄

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Actually I have found the answer to this.


If you go to the following address, you get a list of unanswered posts, in date descending order.

Questions with no replies


Useful to check for those posts that have been lost off the first few pages.