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Further Email Security - SMS

Further Email Security - SMS

In a day and age where more and more internet accounts are liable to be hacked, it would be very useful to implement a system such as that used by Gmail and Facebook, which allows users to confirm their access by verifying themselves using a unique, short term code, sent to a designated number using SMS. 10 further codes are given in case the phone is lost, to ensure that the account holder is secure. A password is still used to automatically access an account, and certain IPs may be designated to be allowed without SMS confirmation.

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Status changed to: Considering

Hi ConorB thanks for the suggestion. I have passed this onto our email team and this is something that is already part of considerations for future developments in email. Thx Kerry


What would happen if, like me, you have no moby signal at home?

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A feature like this is already available on Yahoo email accounts surely it would be easy to extend this to BT Yahoo email accounts.

Not everyone has or uses mobile phones. This could only ever be an option, not a requirement.