Get rid of pointless Indian Call Centres

Get rid of pointless Indian Call Centres

I've just come off the telephone to them and yet again all they do if provide BT with a first line of defence, lie and fob customers off. At no point do they even try to provide help, I'd put good money on the reason being that they can't as they are totally unqualified and are pointless from a customers perspective.


BT take heed, I refuse to spend one more minute of my time trying to hold a conversation with a call centre that obviously has a brief to ignore customers, lie and just read from a script.


All my own opinion and taken from experience.


Totally agree. Just spent time (lots of it) trying to take a temporary limited block off my e-mail address book. Sent an e-mail for help as helpline useless, with all my details and problem I am having. This included an option to be e-mailed back and not telephoned. Bt have replied with not one but two e-mails with exactly the same instructions to use helpline. Which did not help in the first place. At the same time I recieved not one but two phone calls which I requested not to happen. You can guess the rest - spoke to someone in pidgeon English, repeated the problem twice to two different people. No help whatsoever. would put me through to someone else who was no help and suggested I went onto  - you guessed it - helpline. A really useful service provided. My temporary limited e-mail service which BT has inflicted me with looks like it is perminent, as they are not providing a system with a solution.


Im really impressed!!! Sky is exactly the same untill you contact their Leaving Sky System. Boy are they quick to deal with anything then and offer you the earth to stay with them and from a British call centre


I also totally agree I have had a fault with my broadband since 03/01/2014 when we had a lightning strike in our village.  Every time I call them it takes a week to get anything done, most cannot speak much English and understand even less.  Last weekend it took 23 calls to them to get through to the high level complaints department, all but the last chap I spoke to had never heard if it.


You give them informatiom such as I am not at home until after 15:00 they ignore it as do BT in general. 


From above:-


BT take heed, I refuse to spend one more minute of my time trying to hold a conversation with a call centre that obviously has a brief to ignore customers, lie and just read from a script.


Once my line is fixed I am off elsewhere.


I agree totally.




Totally agree with all comments. India call centre no use at all. Why cant we speak to someone English in the UK. E-mails ignorred. My account is increasing in credit. Will I get credit with interest!!  


Second thoughts. Do BT read these comments and if so do they reply?

Agreed here too. However, caveat - I'd expand this on two points: - Indian call centres do not necessarily cause the problem. The language barrier does. Therefore, I'd appreciate either no call centres in countries whose primary language isn't English - or appropriate language training be given. - On a similar note to the language training - relevant ICT/product training to be given to 1st line call centre staff. I've worked in call centres. You save money by having 1st line triage calls, take basic information and do nothing else other than escalate the call to the appropriate place. That works well, in theory. But never in practice, because the 1st line staff don't know the appropriate place, because they fail to take sufficient details. Either due to lack of product knowledge (therefore, lack of training) or because they have impossible time deadlines. For example, a previous employer of mine mandated that "Customer Services" had to terminate each call within 30 seconds of answering, having taken relevant details & give a response of "here's a reference number, we'll call you back." They lost so much custom that the manager responsible was fired, and an immediate U-turn was ordered.

I live in the Kent area or nearly in to the London Boroughs and often driving through Sevenoaks, as I do, I used to admire the glass BT palace that was built to the North of that town but now wonder what it is used for - why not a British based call centre populated by people who speak good English and who know UK Geography?

If BT did abandon it, why? I think I might know the answer to that, however. Cheap labour abroad, I'd imagine.


Absolutely agree.they are useless and above all extremely rude.and yes they never respond to a complaint. time BT took note


Spot on they are just a source of irritation


I agree entirely. The line quality is always awful which makes it difficult to hear what is actually being said by the call centre staff and they are not at all helpful anyway.


I am not a great fan of Sky but their Customer Service staff are friendly, helpful and audible. Sky customer service used to be dreadful and they have improved - BT just seems to get worse!!


I had good n bad recently.



1st agent: really had no idea what I was on about and wasted my time doing fruitless DIY tests.



2nd agent: was on the ball, knew exactly what I was on about and made detailed notes. (confirmed my problems were down to a severed cable miles away)