Guest mode for home hub

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There should be a guest mode feature on the home hub 3 with a separate wireless password for when people come over they can use that instead of connecting to your actual home network.

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They could bring it out in a firmware update. (I think)

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This is more or less already implemented with the use of BTFON and Openzone already able to broadcast from your hub.


The only other way would to have an opt in sort of list to allow devices access to your local network (MAC address with group selection?). Any device not on the list wouldn't access your local network.

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yes , but my friends people coming to stay dont have FON neather do they want to pay for bt openzone because its a bit of a rip off ( other routors offer the guest feature I was just wondering why not bt home hub 3 considering it has a proce tag of £91ish it should have it)


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Thanks for the idea j-whitney. 🙂 I'm afraid it's not something that I can implement on the forum here, so have had to mark as unsuitable, but have passed your suggestion to the Home Hub team. Thx Kerry