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Have an integrated Exchange Checker built into the Forums

Have an integrated Exchange Checker built into the Forums

How about having an integrated exchange checker built into the forums!?


People can find out the exchange they are on and can therefore include it in their first post, making solutions quicker.


There could also be an integrated exchange VP congestion checker as well like the 'Exchange Status Checker' from Plusnet (Click Here). This would allow people to check congestion at their exchange before they post about it, which may save time in the solution.



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Thanks for the idea - what does everyone else think? K

I would like to see this. It would allow ADSL2+ users to see whether slower than expected throughput is due to network traffic and would allow offpeak and peak comparisons to be made alongside speedtester results. If the results were the same off peak and the network traffic was markedly lower that would aid confirmation of a potential issue on a line.

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The user could add their exchange to their personal information. Also deciding if it is viewable to the public or private (links to another idea in the idea bank).


This exchange name would then become a link they could click on to reveal all known service information affecting that exchange.


Such as from




Yes I would definitely agree with that suggestion as I had to trawl the forum to find an exchange.



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This would be brilliant and even moe helpful to users in the community who need to know what exchange they are in and where it is. But this might or will take a while to make i guess....

Would be good to have two, or if possible when you enter a post code in to it takes you to Openreach Where & When and also SamKnows.


If this is not under SERIOUS consideration, it does not appear to be, might I suggest people use SamKnows.


Openreach where and when is only really a single topic query for flavours of BT Infinity applicable to FTTC or FTTP and the 3rd party services over the Openreach Fibre product.


The area to look at is