Idea for improving customers ability to contact BT

Idea for improving customers ability to contact BT

1) include in the list of options when calling BT the ability to "hold to speak to a customer care rep"

2) move all your call centres back to the UK

3) if the above is too difficult or expensive then in the list of options when calling BT include "press 9 to switch to a competitor"


I've spent 3 hours today to achieve something that would have taken no more than 10 minutes had I got through straight away to a real person in one go.


I've been considering whether to bring my broadband and telephone line together under BT or a competitor; at least this experience has made the decision a no brainer.


How about another button that after ten minutes started back charging BT for time wasted on hold when calling them. Of course BT would never implement it; they would be bankrupt in a week.


Some of the best technical area customer support I have ever found has using chat sessions, its slower in particular but for problems with telephony where you had to be using a line other than the one with a problem and some of the diagnostics would break your connection to customer technical support. I have had decent results.

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Spent 9 and a half hours this week on the phone to bt trying to sort their mess out. Still havent got thru to anyone that can rearrange my phone line installation date. 16th sept is taking the mickey especially after saying i agreed to this which i did not. Which dept deals with cancelling orders as im told the orders gine to the offline team.