Idian calll centres?

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How about moving the call centers back to the UK as alot of people have a problem with the Asian accents?


It is the same with banks thta moved to India for their call centres to save money and have upset customers, now some banks are actually advertising that they have UK call centres.




good suggestion, or supply their customers with translators! ive been on the phone with india and they dont seem clued up about our technologies, even an extension reel would of been simpler drawing a picture!

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Thanks for sharing your view but this is not something that we can implement on the forum so marked as not suitable. Thx Kerry

Hi Arnark. Although a reasonable suggestion for some people but it's not just so BT saves money. If you think of Bt wholesale as a group and see what they're doing for people in those countries, providing jobs for those in need of it and providing assistance for customers when the UK call centers aren't open/are too busy. 

Although i fully understand your frustration it's not something i agree on doing as especially when it comes to broadband technical help/billing it could create more delays with a lot of things in the business. 

Sorry if this comment seemed pointless just thought i would express my opinion 🙂



I think its a vailid requirement and have been pondering for 6 days whether i will be doing the right thing. 18 months contract could be worse than a prison sentence, if i cant quickly sort problems out.

What i do not want to hear is text read from a script over and over again repetitively, i want understanding action immediately not after 13 mins then back where we started.


So, if and when i have a problem, who do i speak to?

How longs it take, bear in mind if no connection cant enquire on here?


As regards farming call centres out to supposed needed countries, i say look after number 1, that means your own UK people.

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I do not wish to enter any deabte as to the "suitabillity" or otherwise of the original suggestion for thisa particular forum, but it does prompt one to ask which BT "Care" Forum would be appropriate.  As far as I can ascertain there is a fairly widespread school of thought (based on experience) that call centres based thousands of miles away simply do not provide the help and assistance that is needed in  many cases.  The staff concerned are generally knowledgable, pleasant, courteous and patient but the fact is it is almost impossible to get them "off script" and to really listen to what the customer is saying. 

So perhaps it is time some folk in BT started to listen and understand what customers are saying, rather than burying issues in the sand with a strategically placed "Not Suitable" tag.