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Improve your customer service, or you will fail at the first hurdle of YOUR NEW TV VENTURE.

Improve your customer service, or you will fail at the first hurdle of YOUR NEW TV VENTURE.

If you have a major problem with the service you supply, inform your customers first hand. Don't let them call your team, to get fobed of by people who don't actually know whats going wrong. 

A Notice board on the home page of account holders or on the TV, informing people of possible disruption would save you thousands in wasted time, all people want to know is that your trying to fix it and when its likely to be complete. 



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We have been waiting since Thurs 1st August for our phone line to be reconnected on moving to our new home I received two texts reminding me to be in between 1-6 on that day. I have received nothing since and have had to contact the call centre from my mobile several times and was cut off 3 times. Where is the customer service?? I found it to be ZERO.

I am quite ashamed to be a BT pensioner.

We havent had any communication from any one at BT despite asking several of the call centre staff to ask a manager from head office in Durham to contact us persoanlly today.

We did have one call back from India trying to give us a connection date of August 28th!!! That poor soul on the end of the phone got the brunt of my frustration why cant a manager do the job they are paid to do and sort this 'problem'?? out. We received the new equipment for BT vision and sport the day before we moved in! it went to the shop next door! All we need is a phone line, we can get next doors internet at the moment as they kindly gave us their password WE HAVE AN EXCELLENT SIGNAL STRENGTH! COME ON BT WE ARE PAYING CUSTOMERS. We have elderly parents with whom we need to contact daily.