Some people have put their location on their public profile. It would be helpful if this could be displayed below their name, as its useful to know where people are located.




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Good idea, particularly when an exchange is having problems.



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Great idea guys. Sounds like it would be useful if there were common issues where location may be a factor. Interesting to see further comments/ratings on this. Kerry

Echo the point about exchange problems.

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Same here a great idea

great idea, too often people post complaining of an issue but never think to put their location, would save having to ask the question everytime.


It might also be useful to extend this to which exchange they are connected to as well, i know not everyone will know but it would be useful.


Totally agree with this. It could potentially identify exchanges and/or regions where stability issues are beginning to manifest themselves and would be very useful if the data could be compared with the same data taken from the call centres. It would allow preventive action to be taken before there was a complete failiure in the network.

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The forums with a previous ISP had similar to this & it worked well.  They also requested users to put their connection type & modem make & model in their signatures or their personal bio as that saved time asking what their connection was and what make and model of modem/router they were using.

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Good Idea, Town or Postcode or exchange in the profile /on the post

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Any further update on whether this idea will be implemented.

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this is a good idea