Loyalty Reward

Many companies including BT are keen to offer new customers any number of incentives to join but offer nothing to longstanding customers who stay despite everything.

Why not offer those longstanding customers some form of thankyou,  maybe a number free films on BT Vision or free HD Sport.  The incentive value could be proportional to the length of time as a customer.

I recently received such an incentive from Microsoft for being a Windows phone user, specifically 20GB of extra Skydrive storage.  It cost them very little but I felt it was a nice gesture and good for customer relations.  BT should do something similar.



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BT have found a cheaper (more profitable) option.  Let existing customers pay the full price, but then offer discounts if the customers phone up to cancel the service.


TBH rather than dubious rewards I might not want I'd rather see the money funding lower prices or more investment in improving BT's network such as more money to roll our FTTP more widely.


They only seem to  Pee you off all the more - no loalty at all.


Every year they mess my bill up and feel its acceptable for me to pay more and then refund it 3 months later! How many customers do they do this to? how much money are they making in interest, stashing all these extra £50's somewhere.


Well not this year, I have insisted on a cheque refund.

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Fat chance! I've been a BT customer for 40+ years and the only time BT have offered anything for that loyalty is......... Hmm! I forget just what it was now but I'm sure it must have been worth it!!


The BT Customer loyalty schema is almost universal throughout the UK (and the rest of the world for all I know). "We've got you and as long as you keep paying we don't give a monkeys about you - but please don't leave us or we might have to offer you some inducement that just might reduce our CEO's annual bonus if we have to give it to too many customers." Cynical? Moi?.


BT do not care about loyalty.


It difficult to say who BT are these days. Are they a British Telecommunication Company. What does this mean as such. Is it based in Britain or is it serving Britain ?


Oxford Dictionary :

service n. 4. a system or arrangement that performs work for customers or supplies public needs.


It seems that BT is lacking when it calls its provision a service. It is being paid to provide this service but at what cost to it's customers.

It is dubious that it is lawful to provide existing customers the same service for highly inflated prices compared to new customers ( for the same thing ).


No doubt, in the future, generations will look back in awe at this injustice. Just like we look back at legalized slavery from the past with shame.

In some countries there is still slavery and here too. This amounts to slavery as BT (and others ) penalize anyone trying to leave its grasp.


Corporations and companies have become the new "slave traders" of the past. The riches gained by the few at the expense of the many.

BT give something for loyalty hahaha, must be april fools day They do give you a head ache for free and make you angry for free when you have to deal with a fault or the dreaded Indian call center.
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First off. Great idea for a thread. I would love to see the 60 minutes limit on inclusive calls relaxed a bit for long term customers.
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Agree with this. Our BT Fibre cabinet has just been switched on so rather excited I looked at the offers:


Top package is what I wanted:


76Mbit download - unlimited.

£20 for first three months

£26/month after

£125 Sainsbury Voucher


Brilliant - but when I logged in - no such vouchers. Not even a first three months discount.


I've spoken to someone on the chat and they confirm that it's for 'brand new' customers only. So they have lost me. We'll go elsewhere for our service.


Maybe BT should have a secondary voucher for current customers who sign up to a different/newer package.





I'm getting the impression customer services are hiding/running away from me. I've been a loyal customer for years for both telephone and broadband. We have just had fibre band trunked to our village and whilst waiting for the endless failed installation dates I decided to review my contract with BT on the promise that I would be able to upgrade to fibre when it eventually came. It came in November and BT have just slashed the cost accross the Internet. Nowhere does the advert state "excludes existing customers" the usual BT con. When you attempt to order it (on line only) you are asked to enter your land line etc when suddenly the price jumps from £10 to £24. I called BT sales who tried but couldn't explain either. BT like so many other companies who don't want to contacted make it so difficult for people to email them by putting dreams and reams of smokescreen and diversive links to divert us away from the "email us" links. They lodged a complaint on my behalf and said I would get a follow up call. I've heard nothing. BT provide an appalling customer loyalty programme when it comes to upgrades and renewing contracts. Where are you? Why are you hiding and avoiding me? When are you going to start treating customer retention as a priority rather than taking advantage of the hassle of migrating to their competitors?

It makes good sence to look after long standing customers not only does it improve loyalty from the customer base it makes monetary sence to kee4p customers happy and content.