Loyalty Reward

Many companies including BT are keen to offer new customers any number of incentives to join but offer nothing to longstanding customers who stay despite everything.

Why not offer those longstanding customers some form of thankyou,  maybe a number free films on BT Vision or free HD Sport.  The incentive value could be proportional to the length of time as a customer.

I recently received such an incentive from Microsoft for being a Windows phone user, specifically 20GB of extra Skydrive storage.  It cost them very little but I felt it was a nice gesture and good for customer relations.  BT should do something similar.



Aspiring Expert

Nice idea.

When I was with Talktalk, the inducement I was offered to extend my contract by 18 months, was Free Unlimited Overseas calls, which was very handy as we have relatives in Australia.

Sadly TT removed ADSL services on certain rural exchanges, ours was one of them, so very little choice but to move to BT., fibre BB is brilliant, and I did a self install which went without a hitch.

But we now  have to pay BT for 600 minutes of overseas calls per month.