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Make the Ignore Users apply to their posts too

Make the Ignore Users apply to their posts too

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Some folk do seem to just want to cause trouble. I've, sadly, got a few folk in my Ignored Users list as they felt that public disagreements weren't enough.


I'd quite like not to be tempted to rise to their bait. Would it be possible to hide their posts too? I know I'd undoubtedly end up seeing most of them when some other user feels suitably offended by their trolling and replies quoting their mischief, but occassionally I might be spared reading unnecessary bile. :-(

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Community Manager - Retired
Status changed to: Future Possibility
Hi Minusdot. This is not something that is currently available within the forum software, but we have fed this back and is something we could conisder in future if the functionality became available. Thx Kerry