Members Rewards

The forum is starting to get very popular. Sometimes when I look at the threads in the BB Home section and know the answer to a question that has been asked, I find my self just ignoring it due to the fact that the question has been answered many times before.


I thought that if there were an incentive there, like every month the top 3 users with the most solutions gets a discount on their broadband for that month.
- 1st  Place £20

- 2nd Place £10

- 3rd Place £5


To allow fair play, users can only be top 3 once per quarter (3 months). This allows fair play to other members and means there will be 9 different winners! There can be more conditions added to prevent cheating etc... 


Not only will it encourage more members to help, it will also make those that are not so techy to do some research to help find a solution for others. In this process the forum members become more knowledgeable; in future the knowledge may help them sort out their own problems.

Plus! the hit and run will hopefully fall dramatically.

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Sure people who help out will get rewarded