More control of BT home hubs

More control of BT home hubs

I would like more control over the BT Homehub, what other options would you have added to the BT hub that dont exist at the present time.


1: DNS to be changeable. (Not sure why we are forced to use BT DNS) 

2: IP/URL block list including the option to block entire ranges.

3: More control over the firewall to create customised rules.

4: Call center staff button that sends electric shocks into the seat of the call center staff if they lie to you.

It could be red and soft to the touch and make a calming sound to help with those long and painful phone calls that haunt mankind, OK so number 4 is a step to far ok




I forgot I'd like a wireless a button on the side to turn on and off wireless going into the hubs controls is a pain for people who live near pubs and cafes places where its best to turn wireless off when not using it as the hubs security can be easily bypassed by people in the cafe or pub who can sit there and take there time cracking your WPA2 security these days with ease too in under 10 mins. I think BT fon should come by default as off as it to is a royal pain to turn off, if BT want a free wireless network for customers then add wireless points to places use phone masts to broadcast your free wifi. I think its cheeky to make customers host your free/PAID for service from there homes while you make dosh from them.
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I have a better idea.  It is not the fault of the call centre staff.  What about sending an electric shock to the manage in charge of customer service everytime a customer gets frustrated with getting nowhere.