My Account facility on BT Vision

My Account facility on BT Vision

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Would be nice to have the My Account ability (or a close approximation of) that you can get on the Website, available on BT Vision..

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Hi john_crocker. Thanks again for this idea, another one that we have fed back to the Vision team. They really appreciate all the suggestions, so thanks for posting them. 🙂 They will take a closer look at this as an idea for future plans. As before, it can't be implemented here on the community so marked as not suitable, but has been passed on. Thx Kerry

This would be great if this feature existed on BT Vision - we currently can review our Sky Bill on our Sky Box's and have done so since post 1999 but that uses dialup 😞


The problem being is that the BT Vision Box itself will need to be linked to the account for security but as you know for some, people sell or pass on their BT Vision boxes so this may be a problem!