MyBT - Incorrect units being used

MyBT - Incorrect units being used

On MyBT is tells me that for my broadband package I get ...


"Up to 38MB download speed. Up to 9.5MB upload speed"


Maybe a moderator could remind those that manage the website that mega-bytes (MB) represents a quantity, not a speed! Broadband data transfer speeds are normally stated in mega-bits per second (Mbps).


Just a thought. Smiley Happy



I don't have a clue why they use that, I think it's to trick the customer into thinking that there going to get a higher speed than quoted. It is leading to a lot of problems and does need to be sorted.

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Last time I looked they had changed it to Mb on MyBT. They still refuse to add the 'ps' though for reasons that are totally beyond me. If I asked you what's the top speed of your car would you say 100 miles, or 100 miles per hour? Previously BT were effectively saying 100 octo-miles which was just plain jibberish! 🙂