New Look Vision Event Log

Could it be possible for the Vision guys to include an event log menu somewhere on the settings page of the new look box, that retains the times and dates of all events/errors/failures - similar to the event log on the home hubs.


This way, any errors that may occur are retained on the box, for example an overnight failed recording, so these can be reported giving the help desk as much information as possible. It would also help us (the customer) if the problem is at our end.



Aspiring Expert

This would really be a much more efficient thing to add to the vision box, and was you mentioned, it could work the same way as the home hubs.

Status changed to: Future Possibility
Hi DS, certainly can see the benefit on this one so I've passed it onto the Vision team as a future opportunity, if theres a specific reply I'll get it posted back here 🙂