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Could old threads be locked after 6 months it would prevent old subject matter being reposted
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could this be extended to include 'solved' posts

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Sorry chaps, but I'd be against both of these suggestions.


If somebody happens across an old thread (using the search facility, perhaps) and the information already there warrants further comment or discussion, then I think that the original thread is the best place for it.

Starting a new topic simply serves to fragment the information.


Just because a post is old, or deemed solved, needn't mean that the information in that thread is no longer relevant or worth commenting on.

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I'm in agreement with Ian on this one!

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Thanks for the suggestion and additional comments guys. Interesting points - i think that this is something we can look at in a bit more detail. I agree that if same issue has occured then it's okay to add to the original thread, but wonder if John's point is when old threads are re-ignited with a slightly different issue? Thx Kerry
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Hi KerryG 


Yes it was the part about old threads and slightly differing subjects that I was thinking about this seems to happen mainly with new poster



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Rather than locking a thread, why not produce a message that shows, when a user tries to add to it, Informing the user that the last use of that thread was dd/mm/yy, and it is advised to add to it only if it closely relates to their query and that a new thread may be more benefical because of x,y,z eg more forum interest, less confusion etc


Would stop someone restarting a thread with further suggestions that hasn't been used in a while and isn't current for the OP.


Or something of that effect.

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I think that if a thread is marked as Solved it should be immediately locked with the option only open to the original author to re-open it if required.


If further comment on the thread is required others can easily start a new thread and link to the old if required.


Too often Solved threads have additional posts that are on different issues and they will not get the same attention as contributors think the issue has already been dealt with.

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I would agree with *John46* comment on locking after 6 months.


From a personal point of view there is nothing worse that having to read X number of posts,

( especially if the first post was months/years ago )  before offering a comment.


Locked and then combined with a thread as *syops* suggests sounds good to me.