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Option to be able to move topics, delete threads and posts

Option to be able to move topics, delete threads and posts

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Its sometimes a pain when we want to delete a post or thread but can't.


And also if a user has posted something in the wrong topic, the user or a CL should be able to move a post without needing a mod to do it.

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We used to be able to delete our own posts (I know from experience ;))and also edit them our posts without any time frame.


The delete function was removed and we now have a time limit to edit our own posts.


I agree that the author should be able to move their own post to the correct forum, but personally I don't feel a CL should be able to do this. If and when a customer becomes a volunteer forum moderator, then IMHO that's fine.


(We need to keep the mods in a job!!;))



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Thanks for the idea. The option to delete posts is not available as we do not want the context of a thread to be altered due to others removing posts at a later date. The edit facility is there for a limited time period so that if you read your post once you've typed it up and want to alter typo's, or add something extra then you have the option to do so. This is not something we would look to change. As for moving posts, and the comments about volunteer moderators, that's an interesting idea, what do others think?