Option to change Interleaving On/Off

Option to change Interleaving On/Off

On here we get a lot of gamers saying how they want interleaving to be turned off as the preference is fastpath for the lesser delay in latency.  And vice versa people on more unstable lines wanting it to be turned on.  In My account like the ISP ADSL24, there should be the option to turn it on/off as it is such a simple little thing and saves the mods the time and trouble to do it and would probably take quite a few queries out of the queing process.  

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Wile a good idea i don think this will ever happen with bt
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Thanks for this idea. Not sure that this is something that would be implemented due to other technicalities and necessary considerations when turning interleaving off or on. But i'd be interested in others' feedback and can pass it on to the product team. Thx!

This is an excellent idea and should be implemented asap.  It would also be useful if it was combined with a means of adjusting settings so that the user could specify whether their line is set up for performance or reliability.

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Yes would like to see this So that when im gaming i could turn it off and when im not i could turn it off
Most definately NOT. Interleave is a fundemental basis for line control and error correction, and a substantial part of line management. Most lines won't run without it, and thus demonstrates just how profound its affects are. If single users wish to take it upon themselves to try their connection running fastpath, then fine ... but to make it into a switchable "toy" would be a huge mistake, and one I doubt would be sanctioned by BTw technical teams anyway.

Should be added but can only be switched on a strict guideline, like a connection of minimum of 14 days and x amount of errors etc

Gets my vote!