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Replace hub 3 with hub 5 please

Replace hub 3 with hub 5 please

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As posted elsewhere, hub 3 is a pain and has been since January regards wifi - see numerous disgruntled clients. I see that I would have to pay almost £70 to get a hub 5 even though I'm a long term customer of bt. I suggest that they give us a hub 5 as a direct free replacement as bt haven't solved the hub 3 problems.
Any supporters?
Vic S
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Not me.  People don't just give expensive kit to people for free without something in return.


Have you renewed your contract recently?  If so, did you ask for a new hub as part of the deal?  If it's "no" to the first question, then it's probably about time you did, as anyone out of contract is most likely being fleeced when compared with new customers.


Mobile phone companies don't just give out new phones without a new 24 month contract to go with it.  I bought my car 5 years ago, and have had it serviced at the same place ever since, but I don't think they are going to give me a new one for free.