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Secondary access for BT FON and Openzone

Secondary access for BT FON and Openzone

It would be helpful if the BT Broadband account holder could nominate one sub-account to have free access to the hotspots, in addition to the main e-mail account.


A parent could nominate a young person who may be away from home, at university or college.


This would avoid the need for the primary e-mail account details to be revealed.


The account holder would still be responsible for hotspot usage, and could suspend the access if needed.




I totally agree with the idea that there should be the facility to give family members access to BT Wifi without giving them access to my email account and a lot of other account information.

I recently spoke to Customer Services about this and the woman I was talking to agreed, but confirmed that only the primary account ID and password will provide access at present.

For me that makes BTYahoo email absolutely useless as any of my family members will be able to access it (assuming that I give them the access to BT WiFi that they want).


Come on BT, get your act together and provide an alternative way to access the WiFi network that doesn't compromise my email and account security.

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This necessary improvement was suggested back in August 2011 and despite many others in agreement nothing has changed.


Is anything going to change or another 'not suitable'


Great idea, would love to get an update.


Can we get an update on this? 😛 The status needs to be moved, the feedback has been gathering for a while as imjolly stated.

Quite right. Why should I be denied access unless I use my husband's email address and password. We pay for broadband jointly!
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This is a good suggestion. I'm new to the party, but I can see this being useful for my partner. It's not like I can buy two broadband subscriptions to get dual access!

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Great idea and one that I am surprised has not already been implemented.  The only thing I would add to it is that anyone with an email address under the master account should be able to log in with their details.

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Does this mean that if I give my hubby and children my BT login details they can all access the BT hotspots?  Can we all be logged in on different devices at the same time?


I know where we go on holiday there is a BT hotspot , bit of a shame if only one of us can use it at the same time!


You can login as much as you want, but you will all need to use the same details at the moment.


These details are the primary email address and password...

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This should be implemented. It would be a great selling point for BT at no extra cost. The network is there, let customers use it.