Sensory Impaired BT customers

Sensory Impaired BT customers

For BT to consult their customer base and ascertain how access to BT products and services (including this forum) could be made easier/improved for sensory impaired customers.



For example:-


Does this forum work well for visually impaired people: colour range, font size, "talking" PC software?

Are there ways for hearing impaired people to access voice-to-text software on mobiles?

Should there be a specific area of the forum for people with sensory impairment to communicate with each other and sighted/hearing people, and build on the sense of online community there?

What equipment available on the highstreet for sensory impaired people is compatable with BT products and services?

How do hard of hearing people contact BT customer services, and how might this be improved?


Perhaps we would all benefit from the debate that such an exercise would generate, and improve all of our sensory awareness.


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Another good idea AQ! What does everyone else think? If you like this idea, let us know by giving a rating or add your comments here.
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I think providing aids for those with impairments would be a very good idea.


By chance I've just found a BT website that already provides such aids.


Via the above link, please navigate to the Using the My preferences toolbar


So if it's already available, would it take much to make use of it on these thriving forums?

Well found DS; that a great start to my post above being met at least half-way.



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A very good suggestion I as a disabled person would find it useful