Split broadband usage by device

Split broadband usage by device

It would be really useful to have a breakdown of how much usage has been allocated to which device for the current month, e.g.


iPhone 6.4 Gb

Android Tablet 2.3 Gb

Family laptop 1.2 Gb

Wii 0.3 Gb



This would help identify which member of the household was putting us in danger of exceeding our limit each month!  It could also be used to see if any device were sending or receiving a lot of data without us realising it.


Software to do this is available for download, but I don't think it is compatible with a BT router.

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Hi bspittles, thanks for the suggestion. I have checked this with our product guys and unfortunately this is not technically possible. If you want to track usage per device then the best way to do this is to download a software meter onto each device you connect so that the usage is tracked on the device. Thanks for your input, Kerry
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What about by mac addresses Each device has its own mac address and then instead of routers showing the mac address The user can rename it to something like ipad,ps3,pc1,pc2 So that they know what device is using what
Not being a expert, but I am sure that the BT home hubs lose usage details every time the hub loses power or rebooted. BT would have to update and reprogram the firmware for this to work. We still have problems with the likes of the Kindle and some phones not able to connect to the Home Hub 3 type a. Bt have been aware of this problem for a very long time but the firmware as not been fixed. Probably due to the very high costs involved. But I have to admit the mac address is a very good idea.