Stopping the pillar to post

Stopping the pillar to post

Having spent about 4 hours on the phone to BT since Saturday - just to get an existing phone phone actually transferred to me (surely a dull routine task), I have spoken to Faults, Faults, Orders, Accounts, Faults, Orders, Accounts - and each time I get to wait in a queue for an advisor.

How about a one stop shop approach?  OK.  I understand, I've worked in IT and I understand the idea of first line and second line support.  But surely 80% of issues can be handled by a combined first line faults/orders/accounts team. 

But once someone starts to get pushed from pillar to post, why not empower the staff to say 'My name is XXXX.  I understand your problem and I will take responsibility for contacting my colleagues to resolve the issue.   If the issue is not resolved in 24 hours, I will call you back with a progress report.  If my colleagues resolve the issue, they will call you.  In any case, I take responsibility to ensure that the issue is dealt with'


And then I wouldn't spend 4 hours on the phone to be offerred a miserly £10 worth of compensation.    £10 is nothing compared to my time. 

Taking over phone line in holiday house on west coast.  I live on east coast.
In my case issue list was
1. told phone working from 11 Feb.  When tested on 15th, not working.

2. Told on 16th by Faults that issue was outstanding bill on accounts and would need to talk to accounts.
3. 17th talked to Faults, Orders, Accounts - told no outstanding amount.  Accounts argued there must be fault on line,  Faults argued there was a block on line due to outstanding amount.    Told them just to sort it.  Asked that all correspondance was sent to east coast address. 
4. Wrote email form complaining (having eventually found out a way to do this!).  Then tweeted to @BT
5. Miracle - later in evening phone started to work for incoming calls (answering machine answering).
6. Home Hub delivered to west coast address when I had specifically asked for it to be delivered to east coast.
7. Bill included charge for call barring that I had cancelled.  Refund arranged - but my request for correspondance address to be east coast had not been actioned.
8.  Will the HomeHub work having been delivered to west and therefore likely sitting in the open for more or less a week.
Can you wait for the next failure from BT?  Do you expect anything by failure?