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How about splitting the BB in Home Forum, at least have a sub-forum (or a new forum) for Infinity? The BBin Home forum is by far the most used (55398 posts at the moment) and splitting it should make it easier to find topics of interest.



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Agree the BB in Home board is by far the busiest. What other sub-categories would you like to see? Just Infinity? Or are there others you would like to see split out into sub-forums? Kerry
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As I started this thread perhaps I should be the first to provide more feedback!


As a starter and open to more/better suggestions how about the topics suggested in the sub-heading to BB in Home ie "BT Infinity, BT Total Broadband, wireless connections, emails, tech setup, PC hardware"?



Great idea wedding. BT In Home is so popular that threads disappear off the bottom of the page before many have had chance to spot them.

"BT Infinity, BT Total Broadband, wireless connections, emails, tech setup, PC hardware" good ideas but maybe not "PC hardware" that's not very PC because it discriminates against MAC users lol!


After reading this Telegraph article maybe an Internet Security/Privacy topic area, that might help people learn about cookies, LSOs, page redirects, broswer hijacks, protection against spam, HOSTS file tweaking, how to set security/privacy levels, what protection is best (e.g. do your own or simply accept the ISPs inHouse stuff, or use the latter and add other things like NoScript Firefox addon?)


Also an HTML/CSS/FTP problems area for those who use the old BT web space, or have their own web pages, or are interested in learning how to make a home page?


What about an "Operating Systems" area (LINUX, Unix, Vista, Win 7 etc) for those that want to fix problems cheaply themselves - it can be very easy and FREE to format and reinstall Windows for example - or mess about with Linux/Ubuntu etc?


At the moment people have come up with questions on these topics and there's no obvious place to go.



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I think  split in two Infinity and adsl  would certainly help


I agree with John46 split the forum into ADSL and Infinity 😄

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I think a more important point would be a much more detailed search system to avoid at least some the very frequently repeated questions then BB could be left as a single option

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I would like to see a sub forum for those of us with very slow connections due to long lines etc where advise and support could be given on the best ways to squeeze the most out of what you have.



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I'd have thought a sub-forum for Hub Phones and Broadband Talk would be a good idea. However, as it seems to be being discontinued I guess it's not worth the bother. 😞

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I really support the idea of splitting it up between DSL and FTTx!

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Mmm...I think this needs SERIOUS consideration before any changes are made. We could all too easily end up with a forum with so many sub-forums that it's actually harder to find relevant information. eg there could be an increased tendancy for topics to be posted in the wrong area.


At present, I don't think that anything needs changing at all.