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I think it would be a good idea to have some sort of official board or blog or something similar, specifically for the purpose of making content suggestions for On Demand.


We all have lots of ideas and suggestions for what could be included in On Demand TV, Film etc but often suggestions via the main forum can be missed or not addressed. A proper channel for submitting suggestions would be really useful and effective - we would know where to go to submit our suggestions and not waste space on the main forum which really ought to be for more techincal issues, faults and user guides etc. Thank you.


Further to this, this Ideas Bank seems to work well, perhaps we could also a Suggestions Bank? This would cover what I've suggested about. It would really help the people at BT who decide on On Demand content to get a feel for what people want and enjoy, and a chance to respond as to whether it can be done or not. Thank you.

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Thanks for the idea xfan1013! I'll certainly mention this to the Vision team. What do others think? Please use the ratings buttons to let us know if you like this idea. The more feedback we get here the better! 🙂
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This is an excellent idea and one of the main issues I have.  There are lots of great series out there which could greatly improve the BT Vision service.  Another good thing would be to have the complete set of series for a program, so that users can catch up on series they have missed, for example Fringe S2 and others are on, but if you've not seen the first few series then the new content can not be enjoyed.

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This is a great idea, as my kids are wanting to watch cartoons but some of the ones they want are only showing part of the series, Avengers only has the first 5 episodes, FF is showing episodes from the middle of the series, X-Men has started this month with episodes 14-18.

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It could also be used for highlighting issues with certain episodes (ordering, wrong content etc).  Nice Idea.