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Temporarily suspend mobile plan

Temporarily suspend mobile plan

It's a shame that there isn't an option to press "snooze" on my mobile plan. This would be helpful for the months that I spend outside the country but I know that I'd like to continue using the same plan once I return to the UK. I'd love to have a snooze option that allows me to keep my phone number active even for a minimal payment of monthly service charge. 

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I very much agree with you on that. Just recently my husband broke his i6- we haven't had much extra cash and probably won't this side of Christmas with 2 kids (incidentally also asking for phones each) but the one my husband is using has no internet-to which he is not bothered- and he would be better off with a top up sim most probably but what a rigmarole of changing price plan (which I don't think we can do because we changed only 2 months back)

So -yes..A snooozy button would be beneficial to us too as this is not the first time it's happened 👍🏼