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answer the helpline and dont drop the call when you cant solce the problem

answer the helpline and dont drop the call when you cant solce the problem

Spent 80 minutes waiting for an adviser who could not solve the problem and when escalating to a manager, the line misteriously just drops. Also, another great idea, when you agree to stop the service, dont keep charging... so frustrating to try resolve anything w bt...

Been there also.



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me too. No phone line for 5 months and they kept on taking money from my account. They kept saying they'd look into it and call me back. Never did. I eventually cancelled the direct debit when it became clear that "you'll get connected next week" was not true.


They called me within hours to ask why my direct debit had been cancelled. They were then the recipient of some choice language.


Still don't have a phone. Nearly 6 months now.


I agree with the above postrs which recomend that the the Ibdian call centre should be transferred to the UK.


To sort out speed problems took 3 months phoning them every day before they found out how to reset the profile in the lokal exchange.


This happens every time they drop the guarrenteed speed.


India is quite pathetic and often I can't understand what they are saying when they are trying to speak English.


Maybe BT call center should get an Ignobel prise for the worst call centre in the telecomunications industry.


Her's an idea, why not allow call blocker black lists to bar some number witheld numbers but not others.


At the moment all call blockers can block all withheld numbers or allow all whithheld numbers.


OK, I want to accept some withheld numbers like job agencies but block the ones which are nucance calls.


I do not wish to see the withheld numbers but BT must know what they are for billing purposes.


BT only need to encript the actual number of the number withheld number and tansmitt the encrypted number to the caller dispay which will show it as number withheld but allow the call to be barred using the encrypted version as necessary.


Failure to do this measns that every caller display.blocker is not worth buying.


The BT phone whish clains to completely control nusabce calls is making a false marketing claim.  That's a bit naughty BT.