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bt retail broadband own isp (btyahoo) end

bt retail broadband own isp (btyahoo) end

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When will bt change there isp as the data usage tables never match with what my own desktop usage monitor dos and I have used all of the free products and I have even subscribed to a fee basted 1 and bt usage monitor still has me using about 20 GB a gay when I never reach a gigabits so what we have here




is 10 percent yahoo phom data



and looking more into it I see bt line usage wastage is a whopping 75% of all usage just bringing it down the line


when on third party isp accounts yes we have same set up minus 25% wastage on line downloads and the 10% phom data and faster downloads because we are not 100% blocked by throttling

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Hi theriddlerz, thanks for your feedback. If you have a specific query about your usage, please can you post it in the Other BB Queries board and you will get help. As there are other ideas giving feedback on the usage monitor I am closing this as a duplicate. Thx Kerry