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hi when will bt step up and rival the likes of sky and virgin and with the tv channals as this is the only thing that is driving me mad i want to join bt vision but thay dont offer the great range as the others i would love to have all my package with bt even concidering going the whole hog to virgin COME ON BT GET THIS TV CHANNALS SORTED  u will take allot of coustomers of the other two with the infinity as it is i love it its great



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Hi unfortunatly BT are  not responsible for the tv channels on  BT vision they are provided by Freeview bt  does provide a large amount of on demand services 

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Thanks for the feedback. As John mentions, the Freeview channels are fixed, but there is lots of great On Demand content available via BT Vision. Marking as unsuitable as not something that we can implement via the forum. Thx Kerry

Personally i think that BT do a fantastic job with the ammount of things they have on-demand. Channels are all well until you can't find something to watch.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though and from what i've seen on the BT press release they are getting a lot more things sometime this year 🙂