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Full Fibre with Halo 3

I have had the Full Fibre 900 with Halo 3 product since April 2022 but have struggled to get the speeds I have been quoted. The hub is currently in my dining room and I'm getting speeds of 500mbps (which is still lower than the 700mbps I have been 'guaranteed')  but in my lounge which is 20 steps away with one dividing wall it drops to 50mbps.  I live in a very small bungalow and so have been very frustrated that this is an issue.  I have been visited today by an engineer who also struggled to understand why the dropout was so significant.  To cut a long story short he advised me to get a ?disc to improve the Wifi signal but on looking I can see there are 2 different discs; black and white one.  To answer my question could anyone please advise on which one to get and anything else I need to resolve my issue.


Many thanks

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Re: Full Fibre with Halo 3

It's a matter of choice.

The black discs work only with the SH2 hub and there is an extra monthly cost (Complete Wi-Fi).

The white discs work with any router and are a one-off purchase from many high street stores (WholeHome Wi-Fi) 

Please help the community to help you by including all relevant information, single word responses may be quick to type but they offer little value to this Community Forum and do not help its team of volunteer members to help you.
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Re: Full Fibre with Halo 3

@NikNurse66 The guaranteed speed does not apply to wifi.

You won't get full 900mb on WiFi unless you upgrade your router to at least WiFi 6 and your devices use WiFi 6 also. Though as you've got only a bungalow it shouldn't be too difficult to run some ethernet cable, which you can also connect to WiFi access points for better coverage.

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