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Update on customer care helpline response

this is the response I’m getting about 14 days after my initial complaint about the service.

(And still no ack from the BT main Board member I wrote to.)

“Hello Mr xxxxx, it's xxx from BT. Firstly our apologies for the issues you are experiencing with your Email service.
Our suppliers have advised the work is still ongoing to resolve the matter.
We will check back on 22/03 and update you further if there is any progress in resolving.
We understand this is frustrating and an inconvenience for you but please be assured we will continue to monitor and chase with the suppliers until the matter is resolved.
Once again our apologies for the problems you are having. Thanks.”

Note problem is with suppliers. (?)

 Happy days. Now also using Thunderbird which is good.

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BT Webmail Feedback

@RogerH27 wrote:

It was nice to get some sort of response from BT ( gg30340 )

However there is a problem trying to save mail settings such as using Rich Text- the Save button is greyed out!

Is that within the settings or when you are composing an email?

If within the settings, is the box "Compose messages in Rich Text" ticked? If it is ticked the "Save" button will be greyed out until you either tick or untick the box or another box in the settings. 

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BT Webmail Feedback

@oldles wrote:



@NickBS  " so it would be great if we can keep this thread focused on new or unknown issues/ideas +

The threat title " Are you unhappy with the new version of email...."

Not tell us all the problems we have caused.

The thread title was changed when somebody put that title in their message and when it was replied to it keeps that title and so does any other message that replies to the replies with that title.

To change it, the next time you reply to something, title it BT Webmail Feedback and if any body replies to your message they will take on that title.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

It is within the Settings - clicking the box "Compose in Rich Text" results in Save being greyed out. unticking it brings back save. I have some other boxes in this section ticked as well (all except empty trash on logout). To bring back Save I will need to switch off a setting I wish to activate!

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback

I will advise the moderators to pass it on to the email team.

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Re: BT E Mail


Thanks for the summary listing of known problems - I agree, we should all try to avoid going over old ground again and again.

But having said that, I think you've missed one - the very one that brought me to this message board in the first place!

When you first open an email to read it on-screen, lines aren't word-wrapped correctly, and column widths can be arbitrary. They wrap properly in print preview and when printed to paper.

I received a particularly egregious one yesterday - just three lines of text, but the column width was set so narrow that only one or two characters were displayed per line. I'll send you a PDF to show the effect (if I copy the text to another rendering tool, it displays properly).

And another new niggle - every time this message board sends a notification of a new post to my email address, it datestamps it as "Date 11-01-2024 16h40" - we're posting in the middle of March now!

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BT Webmail Feedback

@RichardHaselgrove wrote:

And another new niggle - every time this message board sends a notification of a new post to my email address, it datestamps it as "Date 11-01-2024 16h40" - we're posting in the middle of March now!

The "date stamp" is the time and date when the thread that is replying to you was started, not the date that the notification was sent.

If you check message one you will see the time and date the OP started the thread.

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Re: BT E Mail

That's exactly my niggle! It SHOULD be the time the post being notified was made.
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BT Webmail Feedback

I have notification turned off but if I remember correctly the body of the email you received references the thread that sent you the email. 

The email it self, like all emails, tells you the date and time it was sent under the senders details and in the list of emails. 

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Re: BT E Mail

Thanks for sending over the example @RichardHaselgrove . Will pass onto the team to see if captured. 

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