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Ability to upload own avatar

Ability to upload own avatar

Hi Everyone


Thought I would kick off the ideas with a suggestion mentioned on the community some time ago - the ability to personalise avatars by uploading an image of your choice.  At the moment you all get to choose an avatar from a selection that we provide.  Would you like the ability to upload your own picture to use as an avatar?


Rate this idea if you like it and add a comment to let us know what you think.

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A good idea

Community Manager - Retired
Status changed to: Implemented
Hi Everyone I'm delighted to say that thanks to all your feedback this Idea has now been implemented... you can now upload your own avatars 🙂 I have posted an announcement about this which includes details of how to change your avatar...looking froward to seeing your new pics. Announcement: Thx Kerry

could anyone tell me how i download avatars? i no you may laugh but i do not no how to do it

Distinguished Guru
Distinguished Guru

@whiterhino5  First step is to upload an image to the forum: while logged in, click your username anywhere on the forum > click View Images for whiterhino5 > Select a File. Second step is to click My Settings at the top of a forum board page > click the Avatars tab > click User Gallery Avatars > click the image you want to use.

Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage

I suppose your present avatar of leopard skin doesn't look good on a whiterhino Smiley Wink

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How do I delete an avatar. Can't any info on the Avatar help page.