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Ability to upload own avatar

Ability to upload own avatar

Hi Everyone


Thought I would kick off the ideas with a suggestion mentioned on the community some time ago - the ability to personalise avatars by uploading an image of your choice.  At the moment you all get to choose an avatar from a selection that we provide.  Would you like the ability to upload your own picture to use as an avatar?


Rate this idea if you like it and add a comment to let us know what you think.

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Aspiring Expert

Yes it would be a great boon. At the moment there are not too many avatars and a quick look through the different threads show that many contributors are using the same avatar. A, generally, unique avatar does help to spot your own posts and those of other posters that you are interested in.



Community Manager - Retired

Thanks for the comment wedding! Good point about identifying your own posts.


What does everyone else think?



Community Manager - Retired
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Aspiring Expert

Yes, I guess this would be a good idea provided that the size (dimension and file size limits) were reasonable and not too ridiculous! I've seen forums where this wasn't moderated and it made the forum look a mess!




Brilliant idea!!

I could have a picture of my Cat on here, oooh would love that!!

Aspiring Expert

It would be nice to be able to upload my own avatar.  As has been mentioned by wedding having your own unique avatar helps distinguish between posters.

Aspiring Expert

The 8-ball crew agree with this post.

Distinguished Guru

Hmm, did anyone spot a user with their own avatar about 15 mins ago Smiley Surprised


(Guess this person knows something we don't! Although it now shows a standard forum one)


Good idea btw



Recognised Expert

I'm all for that it works well in many forums  as long as content is controlled