Allow users to edit Post titles

Allow users to edit Post titles

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Sometimes a title to a post stops becoming relevent such as my ADSL2 Delt issue - I have got to the bottom of that but not to the bottom of the line issues that still seem to exist. I woulld therefore like the ability to change the title but keep the original title as a reference point - something like High Noise & line Errors ..... was What is ADSL2 DELT. This would be useful where there may be more than one issue with a line and underlying issues only become apparent whilst resolving the first one. I don't feel that it is helpful for a new thread to be started if the original question has been resolved but the motive for posting - i.e. unexpected line behaviour has not been resolved as something in the first post may still give a clue to others as to what might be going on.

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Yo can already do this by changing the subject line of your post, this results in a different topic appearing in the forum listing.


There are two problems with this.


If the subject line is changed by a spammer, which happened recently, then their posting appears near the top of the forum listings. I did suggest to one of the forum moderators that this ability was disabled, to prevent this from happening.


The other problem is that some threads get very long, and the context gets changed, making it very difficult to follow, especially if someone was already following the existing thread.


It has always been considered bad etiquette to hijack existing threads, on some forums persistant offenders have been banned. Much better to start a new thread.




I was not awre that you could change subject lines - useful to know.


Obviously spammers will always find a way (why they can't put their creativity to something more fruitfull escapes me). I have also noticed that threads do get hijacked - sometimes appropriate when it is a general issue such as a regional fault, but not on an individual case as no situation is identical. There is nothing that anyone can do about this other than asking them to start their own post.


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This has been answered as something there is already the ability to do in the community, so marking as implemented. Take on board the comments re: hijacking threads and something the mod team will look at. Thx Kerry
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I think every user being able to change any thread title is a bad idea.